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Installing wamp server | How to download WAMP 3.1

Installing WAMP server is very important if you are a budding developer, buying a server does make sense if you are a newbie who is just trying to practice although you can use free web server but the features will be very limited. Instead of using those services you can use a local server, which will be free and fast

WAMP Server refers to Windows Apache MySQL PHP MYSQL. It is a web development program which runs locally and allows you to setup a server on your own computer with all the tools you need to develop a website

How to download WAMP

Prerequisites for download WAMP

  • Windows 7 +
  • RAM of 1 GB at least
  • Good Internet Connection for Download
  • Storage Of At-least 5 GB
  1. Go to link

2. Click on download

3. Open the download file then click on RUN

4. Select your language

5. Click on i accept

6. Click on Next>

7. Chose the destination folder and click next

8. Click on install and wait for it to install

After a few miniutes your WAMP server will be installed and ready to to host your file for free. If you get any erroe make sure to leave a comment

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