Screen shot of iphone not charged error

How to save iphones battery ?

Screen shot of iphone not charged error

Battery low is an error which can drive us all crazy. as an iPhone user myself, I know the feeling of owning a phone which can do all sorts of thing from clicking the most dope ass photos in your group to playing PUBG flawlessly in your mere 1 GB ram. BUT only if you have a charging port at your disposal. In this article we will learn how to save iphones battery

Why is it?

The majority of the reason is software. iPhone might not have a giant battery, but 2700 MaH is no less either. so the problem boils down to software. the main reason’s for these drainages are features of iPhone itself. Which were meant for your benefits. You can use follow steps given below. And make sure that next time you won’t need a power outlet during family outings

1.Turn of Wifi,Bluetooth & Airplay

Turnoff wifi, Bluetooth and airdrop to save battery and only start them when necessoty and turn them of

iphone screen shot of options to turn off wifi bluetooth

2. Turn off background refresh

Turning off background refresh will saves iphone battery ass well as mobile data. as it wont have to refresh app automatically

screenshot in ios of iphone background refresh

3. Turn of location services

Location services won’t one of those features which draws a lot of iphones battery . and is not required by us always. so it is better to turn it on when required, instead of always being on

iphone screenshot on turning location service of to save battery

4. Maintain brightness

Turning on auto brightness is a good idea. but if the option is not doing you justice you can manually set it. try to keep it low so that you can save your iPhones battery, and your iphone will also be cool

iphone option to control brightness to save battery

5. Turn on low power mode

This feature is only a temporary fix until you recharge your iphones battery .it disable a few following features to save iphones battery such as email fetch and auto downloads

screenshot of iphones low power mode to save iphones battery

7. If nothing else works

If nothing else works, you should read this articles on how to change your iphones battery

Apple’s page on battery replacement

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