How to recover deleted files?


Want to Recover Deleted Files?

One in a while we all do stupid things like deleting important files. Maybe you had a little bit to drink or was just dumb enough to click SHIFT & DELTE Now what just forget and cry like a baby NO way let me tell you how you can get it back

Method 1 RecycleBin
I know what ya’ll gonna say that smartass we know about recycle bin . But don’t forget you were dumb enough to delete them in the first place anyway if you cant find those files there too or maybe you were dumb enough to delete them from there too so move towards the second option
Step 1. Go to recycle bin in desktop
Step 2.Select the files you want back
Step 3.Click on restore the selected files from the top panel


They will back from where you deleted them
Method 2 Recovery Software
This option will require you to not be a lazyass and download a software so buckle up and fire up your browser
Step 1 Go to this link and download Download DataRecoverywizard
Step 2.Open the software and run a quick scan to allow it to search the deleted files
Step3.Dont be stupid enough to delete this software too BTW
Step4.Select the files you want back one by one
Step5.Click on recover at the bottom down corner
Step6. Dance coz those files are back to where they were earlier
You can recover those files until they are not overwritten by the computer or those data deleted by a cleaning software which manually overwrites the data  


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