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How to make free phone calls to any landline and mobile number US and Canada?

How to Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada?




Free Calling to a Landline or Mobile Phones in America and canada using


Voip (voice over internet protocol) is a medium of communication for people. In today’s world like we use our mobile phone a minority of people use VOIP services to do their day to day job this includes Businesses corporate manufacturing unit’s and ever people like us. The main reason which contributed towards upliftment of this service is its ability to slash down commutation prices especially when calling abroad. Instead of using old methods to transfer the call from one country to another country it uses the internet to facilitate the communication. In internet to internet calls are usually free the problem of the cost comes when you are calling to a mobile/landline from a computer over VoIP most of these services charge an amount for that though it is way cheaper than a regular phone call but it is not free
Don’t worry I have a foolproof method to make unlimited call in US/CAN for free yes absolutely free on internet using VoIP you don’t need an American number or American email to sign up  the only catch is that to create an account on this service you have to be an American or Canadian or they won’t allow you to sign up. But worry no more since we already have a solution for that to make sure that you are allowed to sign up we will use a proxy or VPN you can check this LINK for an earlier post that I wrote
Step 1: Use the proxy by following this LINK
Step 2: Go to this LINK and create an account for yourself on fire rtc
home and signup page for firertc
Step 3: Go this LINK and login
signup link in firertc
Step 4: Click on phone
firertc option to click on phone
Step 5: Wait for it to be initialized and then allow microphone permission 
allowing the micro phone
Step 6: Enter the US/CAN number followed by the area code
fire rtc dialpad
Step 7: Hit connect and wait for few seconds to hear the dial tone your call will get connected
NOTE:  new account won’t be able to call all us number just the tollfree number for the 1st Week after that all us number will be open for new user to call
              due to abuse of this service fire rtc has placed a limitation of 100 call in every 24hr for new user’s

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